Uploading Files Fast Quick Tip

When you are regularly blogging online, you may need some stuff to upload to your site time to time.

Like a plug-in which needs to be installed manually. You need to FTP the files of that plug-in to the plugins’ directory before you can activate it.

Here is a quick tip to save your time and frustration: [Read more…]

Fire the Complex, Go for Simple

It is very bad to be an entrepreneur and also try to prove the world how genius I am by presenting complex solutions!

Man it has happened to me and  often i find myself in this trap. I see a simple problem in the market, and when I try to solve this, wow I have got the simple solution…but my damn genius mind will not accept that so simple solution.

My genius mind wants me to bring something which makes people wonder, which is so complex and difficult that no one in the world can do that. [Read more…]

Start up File Helps Your Startup Business

(Originally was posted at MohsinRasool.com)

How many times it has happened that we were doing something on our computer and time just ran out. We had to quit, no problem we resume it soon. And then time passes… We login to our pc back next day and we have forgot the most important thing we were almost 92.74% done!

If there would be some reminder who can remind us just the moment we are at computer just browsing and having leisure time. One thing is to have Coach always remind you of your goals and actions.

But I use this little trick and it works, a startup file in my pc, a simple Notepad file. Well I have a simple notepad file in my pc, listing little todo I am working on. And I have dragged the short-cut to this file in Startup folder of my PC. [Read more…]

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WordPress SEO – Top 3 Tips You Can Apply Today

WordPress is already awesome when it comes to SEO, even Matt Cuts of Google admits this at his blog.

You have already taken right step of choosing WordPress as your blog or site back-end. However there are few critical SEO steps you must take to really make it command the best possible rankings in search Engines for your given keywords.

Following are the top 3 tips you can apply today to enhance SEO Power of your WordPress site and blog:

1. Search Engine Friendly URLs – You do this today and see the difference, SEF URLs have benefit of both worlds, users love this easy to understand links and Search Engines rank them for those keywords.

What you would prefer? yoursite/?page_id=34 or yoursite/my-page! Same goes with other users and search engines.

They will thank you and reward you for having keyword rich, short easy to understand URLs, Links of your website. This step really affects your WordPress site’s SEO, so do not skip this but do this today.

To turn ON SEF URLs, go to your WordPress Admin panel, Click on Settings, then click on Permalink Settings, choose the last option called: Custom Structure and then put this into the box: /%postname%/ and click SAVE Changes.

You are done! For any troubleshooting or fully explained screenshots look for the page at the bottom of this article.

2. All-in-SEO Plugin – Thanks to WordPress plugin developer we have this awesome plugin to make our life easier. Before the days of this plugin was not born, one has to go to dirty html and edit the theme files to make them more search engine friendly.

Install this plugin and most of the SEO stuff will be taken care of this easy to use , best WordPress SEO plugin. To install this plugin is just same as you do install any other plugin.

3. Optimize Your Home Page Title – This is to most important area in SEO, do not let any useless keyword use this most important space at your website for SEO.

I suggest you have short, keyword rich , title which correctly targets the main keyword phrase in your market.

For example if you have a blog about Dog Food Recipes: Instead of having blog title: “Joe’s Love for Dogs’ , make it like “Dog Food Recipes by Joe”. To update your main blog title in WordPress: Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’ and here you update ‘Blog Title’.

So you learned today top three SEO steps you can do to really take your WordPress blog’s SEO to next level. This whole exercise will take about 10 minutes of your time. So I suggest you do this today for your at least main blog so you really see the difference in SEO ranking in coming days.

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Fit Reports Official Launch

Dear Memebers,

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Something Exciting is Coming Soon

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