Uploading Files Fast Quick Tip

When you are regularly blogging online, you may need some stuff to upload to your site time to time.

Like a plug-in which needs to be installed manually. You need to FTP the files of that plug-in to the plugins’ directory before you can activate it.

Here is a quick tip to save your time and frustration: [Read more…]

Google Analytics Joomla Plugin

This is a very simple but effective plugin for Joomla to insert Google Analytics code into your pages. Once installed correctly, you need give the GA id and activate it. And then it will take care of all of your pages and insert latest Google Analytics Tracking code.

We will add more information related to this ongoing basis. A FAQ section and updates to future versions and Google or Joomla may change any code. [Read more…]

Show Hits At Frontpage & Category Pages

Note: Until second version of Module Hits AnyWhere is ready, I ask you to use the following guide to show hits at Category as well as Front Pages. As Hits AnyWhere Module shows hits at individual pages only to make your sit show hits at main website page and other pages following guide will help you:

Show Hits at Category Pages with Each Item:

You want to show the hits for every article in category page too?

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Display Hits AnyWhere Joomla Module

A Simple light-weight Joomla 1.5 Module to Display Page Hits/views AnyWhere in Joomla even Category Blog Layout is selected.


You can Download Module Here. After download , install and enable, thats it!

If you use this module please do post your review at Joomla Directory Hits AnyWhere Module Here.

(You are not required to read all below lines, you can simply download from above link, install and enable this module and it will WORK for you

But if you still need to know more about this or you have any question you are welcome to read the following detailed description about this module…

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WordPress Theme – Custom Design

WordPress Custom Theme

Contact us today if you want WordPress Custom theme made for your website. We can help you make custom WordPress theme quickly with very reasonable rates. Contact us using this simple contact form.