Web Consultancy

I have seen many people waste their months, and lot of money on the solutions they never needed or were not best fit for their business. I have spent 8+ years online and as i always love to test and use any latest script or software or solution i can find, i will do that.

You can benefit from this experience, if you are planning to get your site developed, should it be a Joomla or WordPress based or Custom PHP application, or should you buy already made script to get your job done. I can guide you by giving you exact case studies that how clients have dealt with situations like you.

Do you need your membership site made and you are deciding the best membership script or solution, and if you are looking for best shopping cart for your needs or if you are deciding what payment processor to use or what hosting or domain registar or autoresponder or the payment solution. I can help you with that.

I charge $95 per hour for this session on Skype/Phone + provide email support afterwords for the specific issues we have laid down.

With Best Regards,

Mohsin Rasool